Ode To The Big Bang Theory

Let’s talk about the Big Bang theory, which now is streaming on HBO MAX, which was launched few days ago. If you have already watched the CBS hit show you can re-watch it and enjoy with its every episode or if you have never heard of the sitcom, then all  pleasure awaits you.

The Big Bang Theory is an ode to the nerd culture. The show has an unlikely scenario -it’s a story about four scientists who talk a lot about things like “Schrodinger’s cat”, string theory,  dark matter and gravitational waves and they have a friend actress/waitress Penny who befriends them and their worlds collide. Penny teaches  the Geeks about ordinary human world. The breakout character is Sheldon, who is played brilliantly by Jim Parsons. I fell in love with the show from the very first episode.

The characters Sheldon, Leonard, Penny , Howard and Raj are in the epicenter of the show. All, except one , are scientists, Most of them have doctorate degree in science and they work at the world’s leading University -Caltech. A theoretical physicist, an applied physicist, astrophysicist, an engineer, microbiologist, neurologist and waitress are very strange synthesis for one TV show , but this what makes The big bang theory so unique. The jokes in the  big Bang theory  are mostly  scientific, but it doesn’t make any difficulty to get those jokes and enjoy it.

The big bang theory describes nerd culture in its best possible way, shows their love stories or lack thereof. Smart and not so handsome Leonard falls in love with beautiful, but uneducated Penny, sounds stereotypical, but stereotypes lose its own sense in this show, It has a message to the world-Smart is the new sexy, same happens when not so beautiful neuroscientist, Amy falls in love with Sheldon, again a message to the world Brainy is the new sexy.

The Big Bang theory creates its own world full of introvert and  extremely interesting people who found each other and created their  own universe.  Extremely funny, emotional and interesting The big bang theory has 7 Emmy awards.The cast is amazing and they are friends in real life too.  The show creators also established fund for the future scientists. So I think The Big Bang Theory is a show totally worth to watch.


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